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We at Southern Services can service
your Domestic Boilers for €100. Servicing for Combi Oil Boilers is an extra €30.

Please take time to visit the 'What We Do' link above to see exactly what we
do during a standard service and how
a service from us saves you money.

We can fit a brand new oil burner from
as little as €450
, and replacement
parts are costed as quoted on the trade
price list, ie we do not add any handling

Servicing for High Tech Boilers costs
with an extra €30 for
Combi Oil Boilers.

Please visit the 'What We Do' link above
to exactly what is included as a standard
service by Southern Services, and how
well maintained Boilers save you costs.

Replacement parts are charged as per
the Gas and Oil trade price list, in other
words we do not add handling fees.

We also provide full services for Oil
Burners as used on Car Spray Booths.
For Garages & Panel Beaters.

For all enquiries Call

Michael Duffy


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