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Proper servicing consists of a full
service to the burner and boiler. We
clean the combustion chamber and
check all seals and gaskets.

On the burner we replace the nozzle,
clean blast tube, check / test solonides,
photocell & transformer. We
disassemble the oil pump off the
burner, replace any worn drive
couplings, lubricate the motors shaft
and bearings, check and adjust
electrodes settings, reassemble the
burner and test, adjusting oil pressure
and air settings to the manufactures
recommended settings.

An automatic paper print out is
provided from the combustion analyser
giving the time and date of test with all
the emissions and efficiency of the
to confirm that everything is at
the proper settings.

This is a far more superior from of
compared to the old way of
just looking at the flame and smelling
the chimney as provided by some other
service companies!

We have reports of customers saving
up to 20 to 30%
on running costs. So it
pays to have a proper service.

We have Kane & May and "BACHARACH"
combustion analysers
that are plugged into the
chimney during burner testing. These machines
give us a constant and continuous reading of
flue emissions
- Carbon Dioxide CO2/ Carbon
Monoxide CO/ Oxygen O2/ Air Temp/ Flue Gas
temp/ Combustion Efficiency.

The burner is then adjusted for the cleanest and
most efficient setting.



Michael Duffy
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